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Ancient Chinese axiom

"As you drink from the well — remember who dug it."

Dr McGill

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"I got the Internship with the Congresswoman where I'd hoped. Thank you for helping me focus on what I would bring to it!"

"I remember how much I benefited from the ASC and the tutors there my first two years of college, and thought it might be nice to give back.  

Tiffany – (Kinesiology)
“My name is Tiffany. I lived at Traditions last school year and you helped me with many essays. Among these essays was a transfer application essay to become a full time student at A&M from being a Blinn team student. I was accepted into the department of Kinesiology and I wanted to thank you for all your help to improve my application. Thanks.”

Summer (Veterinary Science)–
“As a freshman, my resume for an Internship with the Vet College was a real long shot, but with your help I got the position. I cannot believe it worked out. Thank you!”

Patrick - (Blinn Team to A&M)
“HOWDY!! Thank you for all your notes. I really found them very useful. I think I may have found what I was missing, thank you for the direction.”

Kaelee – (Communications)
“Thank you so much for taking the time to review my essays. I really appreciate it.”

John - (Blinn Team to A&M)
“Dr McGill, I’ve learned more about writing from you over the last two years than all I knew before, thank you. Since coming to you, I have received only A-grades on my papers, which were C-grades when I started college. Both my Mom and I wish to thank you.”

Marlee –
“Thank you! You were a huge help!”

Garrett – (Politics & Government)
“I am so happy with how my paper turned out. So much time and effort was put into it, by both of us; I feel really good about it no matter what grade comes of it now. Thanks.”

Stephan – (Business – International)
“Thanks again for your help; it always means a lot for me.” 

Kent – (Blinn Team to A&M)
“Thank you for the considerable help with my application process. I really was somewhat clueless until you got me on the correct track. Now my dream has come true. I have successfully been admitted into my desired academic program, and the journey begins!”

Elizabeth - (Education)
“I really could see the improvement that I got on my paper with your help especially, this time, coming in early enough to go through a couple drafts before it was finished.  I learned a lot about how a paper progresses just by returning to it a few times.”

Dayton - (Liberal Arts)
“Dr McGill, I love talking with you to generate ideas for my papers. The last paper, I really enjoyed writing it, and doing the research for it, which was a little new for me.  I got so many good ideas to pursue from you, and finally figured out how to focus and finish. Thanks a lot.”

Michael –
“I look forward to learning even more from you on my next assignments.”

Rachel –
“Thank you very much for helping me!”

Shae - (Psychology)
“Dr McGill, that's the second "A" on my paper in this course thanks to your help, thank you!”

Price – (Engineering)
“When it has been difficult to understand the teacher I seek out advice during office hours at the Tutoring Center.  This is a learning process that I practice over and over and will continue to develop. Thanks for all your help.”

Matthew - (Kinesiology)
"Dr McGill, after receiving your letter of endorsement my medical internship program contacted me and said they are excited for me to join them this summer. I cannot thank you enough for your help with it."

Jarrod - (Engineering Science)
"Dr. McGill, mark up another one, my last paper, I GOT AN A! My enthusiasm is high, thank you." 

Jonas - (Industrial Engineering major)
"I wanted to tell you, I have had three interviews so far. In each one, I was told that my resume stood out the most, and the reason I got the interviews.  One company even skipped step one, and I went straight on to Houston for the on-site interview.  They said I am the only candidate who has done that, so, so far so good. In another one of the companies, I didn't even sign up to see the rep but I got the interview with them.  I was contacted and asked to interview because, as he said, my resume stood out so clearly above the rest.  Dr. McGill, I cannot say thank you enough.  Thank you." 

Abby - (Journalism major)
"Dr McGill, thank you.  You helped so much! The article got a lot of views and was very well written with thanks to you. Couldn't have made it as perfect as it was without your help." 

Ashley - (Nutrition Science major)
"You always make me think; my essays are always so much better once we've gone over them, it's why I have an 'A' in class."

Justin - (Petroleum Engineering major)
"I came by with my essays just because I heard you are really good at helping."

DJ – (Psychology major)
“Dr. McGill’s insights about the whole learning process have really helped me.  He taught me exactly what to look for and has given me the skills necessary to nail the job every time.”

Jarrod - (Engineering Science) 
“Dr. McGill, thank you so much for your help on looking over my last two tech memos! The last one I got a 100%!”

Courtney - (Engineering Science)
"You are always so great, I actually got a 100 on my last paper with the help of your revisions!"

Payne - (Business)
"Dr McGill, I put to use the strategies and tactics you showed me in my Business Law exams and guess what?  I got a full 15 points higher on this exam than last time.  It really worked, I am so relieved, I can't thank you enough!"

Luke - (Engineering, RA, & Leasing Agent )
"The best part of the Leasing Tour is when I get to The ASC and can tell the parents and prospective students how much it has helped me, and how much you've helped me personally, too, Dr McGill. The ASC is really important to The Tradition.  I use it and am glad it's here." 

Taryn - (Liberal Arts major)
"Dr McGill, I have to say, you are probably the reason I got an 'A' in my English class.  I'll be seeing you again next year!"

Zack - (Engineering)
"Dr McGill, remember the Internship you helped me with, well, I got it!  I am really excited about it, thank you so much." 

Chris - (Chemistry)
"Dr McGill, I got my letter of admission to pharmacy school.  Thank you for all your help with my essay."

Jarod - (Liberal Arts)
"I wanted to let you know, Dr McGill, that I got 'A's' on both of the rhetorical analysis papers you helped me with for my English class."

Cameron - (Psychology)
"Dr McGill, I got an 'A' on my analysis paper comparing Byron's Childe Harold and Miguel de Cervantes' Don Quixote, thanks to you!"

Joel Burton - Trad Leasing Director ('09-'11)
"I love selling The ASC."

Cade - (Technology Management)
"I got an 'A' on both my papers that you helped me with, Descartes and Nietzsche.  I got an 'A' for the course too.  Thank you for everything."

Cameron - (Engineering)
"I got a 95 on my Rhetorical Analysis essay.  Once I review it, I have a chance to re-submit it for an even higher grade.  Thank you for all your advice with it."

David - (Mays Business School)
"My peers from six teams picked the best essay from each group, the teacher then selected the top one among those, and mine was picked.  I know it was because of your help, I really want to thank you, Dr McGill. I'll be back to the ASC for more help!"

Rebekah - (Mechanical Engineering)
"Dr McGill, I know the A's I got on my last three papers are a direct result of the way you guided me to a greater  understanding the assignments.  Thank you sooo much!"

Kevin - (Engineering major)
"I'm learning more in these tutoring sessions than I do in class."

Sydney - (English major)
"I wanted to tell you, I got an 'A' on my rhetoric paper with your help, thank you!"

Eric - (Engineering major)
"Dr McGill, there are only 2 students who got an 'A' in my English class of 40, I was one of them!  I've never gotten an A in any English class before until you showed me how to do it."

Runqisong - (Math major)
"Dr. McGill, I've listened carefully to your guidance about my major and I've decided to explore and pursue Math and I feel real good about it.  I wanted to thank you for your advice.  You gave me excellent advice."

Eric -  (Anthropology major)
"Just to let you know, I got a 24 out of 25 on my rhetoric paper, and a 95 on the first draft of my final paper (it's 15% of the grade)!  I'm very happy."

David - (Engineering major)  
“I love going to the ASC because, not only is it free, but it is right there where I live.  I can always get help in my classes from an on site tutor, and Dr. McGill is always willing to give professional help with things such as resumes and interviews.”

Rachit - (Mechanical Engineering major)
"Dr McGill, the last paper you helped me with, I got 100%.  The professor said he's going to use it with the rest of the class as an example.  He said it was 'perfect'."

(Conversation by a resident showing his friend where he lives -- and The ASC)
"Wow, this is ten times better than where I live!"

Robert - (Science major)
"I think I understand better now how to approach all my papers, not just this one.  You showed me there's this "voice;" a speaker, a reader, a writer, an audience.  I never thought of MY writing that way before."

Austin - (Class of 2013)
"Thank you again for all of your help. You really made me understand and view a different way of tackling this paper."

Matt - (Education major)
"Mr. To is great.  He doesn't just give me the answers. He goes through it with me,  I get it! I feel really great once I get it."

Rob - (Class of 2013)
"I was way off the assignment and had no clue until I came to see you.  Now I'm back on and this paper is going to be good."

Ryan - (Class of 2012) 
"I'm really appreciative for all the stuff you guys do in The ASC, it's helped.  You guys make it a lot easier to be a student here."

Isaiah - (History major)
"Many thanks and props to you Dr. McGill for the insight, tips, and support, nice and simple!"

Jarod – (Mechanical Engineering)
“Dr. McGill, I just found out my grades today and I am extremely pleased. I was very worried about Physics. I am looking forward to getting time to read the book you gave me. My parents just surprised my family about a vacation before Christmas. I am planning on reading the book on the plane and on the beach. Also, I am looking forward to having another great semester next year. Enjoy your break and Merry Christmas!”

Robert - (Class of 2013)
"I showed them my project and how it included an authentic Picasso from your exhibition.  I needed something perfectly cubist, straight lines, angles, curves, and there you had it, right on display in The ASC for me to work with and use. It wowed me too,  ... thanks, ... I did a pretty good job on it."

Austin – (Chemistry major) 
“I definitely got a higher grade in chemistry because of the help I got in The ASC.”

Christina – (Nutrition & Health major)
“I went to see Dr. McGill for help with my resume, I heard he’s better than the Career Center.”

Dan – (General Studies major)
“I went from a D to a B in my class from the help I got from Dr. McGill.”

Elliott – (Mechanical Engineering major)
“Thank you for your help on the resume, your information was very resourceful. Many Thanks.”

Joel – (Human Resource Development major)
“The CEO of the company stressed the fact that my resume was one of the best she had seen in regards to someone who had not yet graduated from college, or had any professional job experience.  She noted that I had done a great job in quantifying/qualifying my accomplishments (she basically told me I did a great job in regards to exactly what you instructed me on) and that my resume was unique and that it really spoke well for myself.  

I wanted to thank you, Dr. McGill, because you certainly gave me advice that I would not
have gotten from the career center, and this woman (the CEO of her company, an entrepreneur, by the way) pinpointed how pleased she was with those aspects of my resume with which you helped me.  

She especially liked that within my objective statement it was clear that I had researched her company, and included information in that statement that would not have been there had I not done the legwork.  

Her words were, "Oh and on your resume, you really nailed it.  I mean you did a great job quantifying everything and it was obvious how much work you had put into it."  She went on to say how this gave her a good idea of how interested she was in my sales experience, and how I was obviously not like everyone else in this regard.   

Again, I cannot thank you enough for the guidance you have given me throughout this process. “  

Madison – (Economics and Industrial Engineering major)
“Thanks Dr. McGill for your help in tailoring my resume, it got me the exact Internship I wanted.”

Tim – (MA in Industrial Engineering)
“I wish I came to you earlier with my PhD application, you definitely helped me improve it a lot.  You also helped me think through some tactical approaches that really help it stand out.  I’ll make sure I let others know about your excellent services in The ASC.”

Tyler – (Aerospace Engineering and Applied Mathematics major)
"Dr. McGill, my professor said 'Wow!' to my presentation if front of the whole class.   He actually said, 'Everyone, THIS is what I meant when I gave all of you this assignment.' 

Cades – (Politics & Government)
“I am starting on my transfer essay for Texas A&M and was wondering if you could give me some helpful tips. I haven't started yet but was wondering if you could help me analyze the topic and kind of show me which direction I need to go to catch the readers eye. Also do you have a specific time I could come in where you're not to busy or is anytime fine?”

Kevin – (Blinn Team to A&M)
“I have a really hard calculus professor who expects us to know everything without having to teach it to us.  I was wondering what steps I need to take to get some calculus tutoring. Thanks and gig 'em.”

(Trad Pad, Vol VI, Issue 5, 2010)
“Dr. McGill in The ASC is very good at resume editing and is a great resource to have at The Tradition.”  

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