The Academic Success Center

The Tradition at Northgate 

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We help with every type of success-driven application you might do — whether you are applying to be an RA, for a Scholarship, a summer job, an Internship, or graduate school — we help with every step of the process.

We enjoy a very high success rate with everyone we help.

100% of donations return to The ASC for tutor development and training. 

Tutors give their time for the growth and enhancement of their peers on the Blinn Team and at Texas A&M.

Tutors give their time, experience, advice, and knowledge to students on the ladder to success. Please support them; no amount too small.


In case you are not a starting quarterback for Michigan, you will do well to have us review your resume.

Although Tom Brady could have turned in his resume on a napkin, most people cannot. Brady's resume (above) is "old school" and not top-notch at all in design or content.

Come by; we will show you how to make your resume distinctive and perfect, so you achieve your goals.

Tips for Writing