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Every semester, hundreds of students come to The Tradition at Northgate excited and filled with dreams. Every year, because of The ASC, students from Blinn College and Texas A&M gain in confidence and are more poised as adults. Students advance through their lower division course work, internships, study abroad, upper division course work, summer jobs, jobs, graduate school, and on to careers — taking with them a sense of purpose and a commitment to improving the future for all the world.


Come take full advantage of what The Academic Success Center at The Tradition at Northgate will do for you.


Dr. Joseph C McGill

Welcome to your amazing years.

"The ASC — where dreams become successes."     



With 800 students within the complex, there's always something to do at The Tradition at Northgate. Our Residence Life program organizes over a dozen activities each week during term time.



Our students and Tutors go on to careers in every subject at all levels. Two-thirds of our Blinn College students go directly into their choice major at Texas A&M. All our clients report at minimum a letter grade higher or more as an outcome of regular visits to The ASC. 

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Small group and individualized tutoring from caring seniors and graduate student Tutors serves to open the world to you. Practical learning, mostly one-to-one, helps you to find your place in college — where you live.





100% of donations return to The ASC for tutor development and training. 

Tutors give their time for the growth and enhancement of their peers on the Blinn Team and at Texas A&M.

Tutors give their time, experience, advice, and knowledge to students on the ladder to success. Please support them; no amount too small.